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July Retreat Marahau

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September Weekend Retreat - Baton Valley
.....'Embracing Authenticity'

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...after a pause of several years Natalie Meijer and myself are teaming up again to offer a 3 day adventure into our inner realms and expanded consciousness using the Ren Xue pathway as a base. Ren Xue works to bring health and healing to our physical body and Qi System (energy body) and to finding a solid connection with our True Self for a happier, healthier, meaningful and creative life with deepening wisdom and realisation. We hope you can join us! ❤




Womens Weekend Retreat - Sept 2023 

The Theme for this Retreat "Opening the heart and living from the True self'
 What a wonderful intimate weekend this wIMG 4858as in the most magnificent spot  overlooking the mountains on the edge of the kahurangi national park.
 The retreat  included Qigong Practice Sessions, Guided Meditations, some silence and reflection time,  a practical guide to working with our Patterns, understanding the Spiritual Heart, Healing sessions, a Forest bathing walk,  Cacao Ceremony/ singing/ dance - and a Hot tub!! 


"This spring I had the pleasure of participating in one of Rachel's qigong retreats. Rachel has a warm and safe energy which allowed me to go deeply into the teachings and to feel comfortable in expressing myself within the retreat container. I wished the retreat could have gone on for a week! The energy of the retreat was that of deep rest and relaxation, I came away feeling renewed and rejuvenated. We travelled deeply into the realm of patterns, the ego and the True Self...a huge body of work within the Yuangong system. It is clear that Rachel is truly living in alignment with what she teaches, and this brings deep power to the space she holds.  The retreat was a transformative experience for me, I look forward to the next time I get to learn from and practice with Rachel. Thank you from the depths of my heart. Cecelia" 

 "I had the incredible opportunity to attend a retreat organised by Rachel, and it was a truly transformative experience. Through Qi Gong practice and work on our personal patterns that obstruct our authentic selves, I left the retreat feeling completely in tune with who I am and fully recharged.   Rachel's guidance and expertise in Qi Gong were invaluable. Her teachings helped us harness our Qi and address the patterns that were holding us back from being our true selves. Accessing my true self was a powerful and enlightening experience and I'm eager to continue this transformative work.    I'm immensely grateful to Rachel for sharing her profound knowledge, providing a healing Qi-filled retreat, and extending her support beyond the retreat experience. She has been a guiding light on my path to self-discovery and inner harmony. Thank you, Rachel, for your incredible work and unwavering support.  Yours gratefully - Rachel Anderson"

"Dear Rachel, I had a fabulous weekend.  It is definitely rated as one of my best weekends of all times and this says a lot considering I was in the company of strangers, apart from you.  The space you create and the people you bring into your retreats is just beautiful.  You are not rigid in your teaching so it is easy to go where the needs take us at the time.  You are amazing at reading that and being able to teach in each moment.  I felt so whole and nourished the entire weekend.  Little sparkles of me that had been hidden came to the forefront and were happy to be there. Thanks Rachel, lots of happy vibing qi your way :). Love - Jeanette"

Kina Beach Day Retreat August 2021



Mistletoe Bay: May 2018 

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November 2017 Shambhala

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May 2017 Shambhala

















"I feel completely refreshed, relaxed and reinvigorated after my Qi Gong retreat with Rachel and Natalie. You provided a beautiful and safe environment where everyone was nourished, whatever their experience. The gorgeous location of the retreat made me feel immediately uplifted from my daily grind, and the healing I received was immediate. Thank you for opening me to the beauty of Qi Gong."

"Rachel and Natalie provided a wonderful nourishing retreat in a stunning location. I've never experienced the feeling of 'batteries fully recharged" so much as I have after their May 2017 retreat. The sessions included an awesome balance between the practical and theoretical and included time for reflection and discussion. Thank you Rachel and Natalie for making the weekend a lifetime highlight and allowing me to return home to a full schedule and a busy family full of energy and optimism.   Natalie and Rachel run an excellent retreat, creating a perfect balance of physical, emotional and spiritual activities to provide a friendly, healing and nourishing time away from the busyness of everyday life." 

"I came away feeling refreshed and relaxed and with plenty to think about."

"I really enjoyed the knowledge and skills that Rachel brought as an acupuncturist, bringing a theoretical base to Qigong. Natalie is so skilled with meditation bringing us all in to such a calm place. They were such a great team complimenting each other really well - approachable, friendly and really made Qigong concepts feel accessible and easy to fit in to daily life using simple explanations. There was a feeling of a safe space where we could share with each other. I loved Rachel's explanations of Qi using techniques with the kids. They both brought in Joy and relaxation to it all. I had a lot of fun and have experienced some big shifts which have improved my life. Thank you so much you guys."

"During the retreat I was easily able to walk and do much more on my legs than I have for a long time. Since the retreat I feel like I have moved into a new level of personal well being, thanks Rachel and Natalie :)"

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