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What People Say Qigong

Qigong workshop - uplifting, energising, relaxing & fun

‘Recently I attended a Qigong workshop in Blenheim with Rachel Maguire.  The presentation and content of the workshop was fantastic.  The time just flew past and I left feeling uplifted, energised and relaxed.  Rachel’s presentation style is excellent – she has an ability to communicate new concepts in a way that is very accessible and does so with warmth and a sense of fun.  It has been a month since the workshop and, with the help of daily motivational texts from Rachel, I have maintained a daily practice of the Qigong that I learnt at the workshop. 

The results have been impressive including increased positivity, increased energy, deeper more restorative sleep patterns, quicker recovery from coughs and colds and a greater sense of calm.”    Charlotte Patterson - Marlborough

avoiding shoulder surgery with Qigong & acupuncture

“Rachel Maguire introduced me to Qigong and acupuncture four years ago. At the time I had a torn muscle in my shoulder which needed surgery, and I really felt the need to try something which required me to clear my head and calm my mind. Through qigong and acupuncture I have avoided shoulder surgery, and now, through regular Qigong practise, I find I am fitter, have more energy, and have a clearer mind. Rachel is a great teacher, who allows you to develop at your own rate, giving helpful and positive feedback along the way.”    Deidre van Velthooven - Marlborough                                

Qigong helps me gain a calm clear state

“I was introduced to Qigong by Rachel Maguire two years ago and felt the benefit of the practise immediately. It helped me gain a clear and calm state, and gave me the tools to more readily access this state and be less anxious in my busy day-to-day life. Although Rachel has since moved to Wellington, I continue to practise Qigong. I benefit hugely from the practise but never quite to the extent I did when in Rachel’s presence/class. I think Rachel is incredibly gifted and the Qi field she generates and the Qi she gives during class and healing is phenomenal.”    
Rachel Anderson - Marlborough

energised and inspired

"I just enjoyed a great Yuan Gong workshop with Rachel & I'm feeling energised and inspired in a nicely grounded way.   Rachel has a lovely open and down to earth approach, which makes her many years of experience in natural health accessible to participants - She naturally facilitates collecting and experiencing wonderful energies together.      Participating in one of Rachel's workshops is solid step in the direction of Healing and Self-Care & I can recommend them for anyone who wishes good health and wellbeing. Thanks Rachel!"    Rob Oscroft - Wellington

a passion for Yuan Gong

"Rachel is a great Qi Gong teacher and she awakened in me the passion for Yuan Gong. Thank you, Rachel! Rachel also treats me with acupuncture and Qi healing. I had great results with both of them and feel great after my appointments with her. I highly recommend Rachel to anyone."  Sabine Tuohy- Wellington

Finding a way forward through Emotional Times

"The Qigong workshop was wonderful, and exactly what I was needing to get some more Qi back into my life. The last few months have been very tough for me personally, and I truly think I have found a way forward to help me through the emotional times. I would recommend Qigong to anyone that wants to find themselves again, and to also to make time for themselves again. Rachel’s way of explaining the meaning of Qigong and all the movements associated with it was very interesting, it really made you think about your own body and how it all works and functions on a day to day basis.  The food from Claire was also AMAZING, a real eye opener to healthy Qi eating.  Thank you for an amazing day, can’t wait to start the classes."  Hannah Lavender - Blenheim

Give it a go

"I thoroughly recommend anyone that is curious about Qi Gong to give it a go or attend one of Rachel's workshops as she is an awesome, nurturing and professional teacher."  Joanne May - Blenheim


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