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Avoiding a skin grapht with distance healing

“A month ago I acquired second and third degree burns to my neck, chest and right arm. My doctor thought that I may need a skin graft to the 3rd degree burn on my arm. 5 days after my accident I contacted Rachel and we did a distant healing session which involved a guided Qigong healing session over the phone. That evening I had the most incredible sleep. The following day 80% of my burnt skin shed, revealing lovely new pink skin.
The degree and rate of healing was incredible and my specialist was surprised by my progress. The healing I showed in 5 days is what she would have expected to see after 3 weeks. I did another healing session with Rachel the following week focusing on the third degree burn on my arm. My arm has healed beautifully and I will definitely not be requiring a skin graft!

Given the results I’ve experienced with distance healing it would be my preferred option for healing/recovery should I or my children require it in the future. A big heart-felt thank you to Rachel.”    Rachel Anderson - Marlborough

Pain Relief for Severe Neuralgia following Shingles - Distance Healing

"I believe in Western medicine. I have had to. I was born in 1960, diagnosed with diabetes at the age of three and have been on insulin most of my life. Unfortunately the diabetes took its toll and at the age of 44 my kidneys failed. I was on dialysis for nearly three years before I received a kidney and a pancreas transplant which has given me a better life, a rejuvenated life. Immune suppressants prevents my body from rejecting the new organs. Blood pressure medication keeps the supply of blood to the organs constant and I have a full, creative and constructive life.

However, recently I had a very serious bout of shingles. After the virus had gone I was left with Post Herpetic Neuralgia and was in extreme pain constantly. I could neither lie down nor sit up comfortably. I would fall asleep through exhaustion for a period of about an hour then wake up in extreme pain. This was the pattern of my day and night. My consultants were unable to give me pain killers that helped because of the nature of the pain and because of the effect they would have had on my transplanted organs which had served me well for 9 years. I was told very caringly that this pain may last for 3 – 6 months, possibly longer and I would have to be strong and see it though.

4 weeks ago, I contacted Rachel Maguire. I knew Rachel when she had worked in London and I had wondered about her advice for using Acupuncture as pain relief. I will be honest and say that I was unsure about acupuncture and as far as Qi Healing went, I was utterly sceptical! After all, I believe in Western medicine! However, when I phoned Rachel I was in such pain that I was in tears and hardly able to speak. She suggested we do a Qi Healing session on the phone. I was in far too much pain to worry about whether I believed in it or not and we went ahead.

During this first session I was able to relax and then the Qi healing gave me complete relief from pain. This was not a one off miracle cure. Over the next few weeks we continued with short sessions sometimes over the phone and sometimes without any connection by phone or Skype but merely with a text message to confirm we were both ready to sit and be still. Sometimes even, I would be unable to sit still because of what I was doing. Sometimes Rachel would work on me while I was sleeping. I would get a message to say she would be sending me Qi throughout my night time. The simple fact is that each session gave me relief from pain. It was a course of healing and a process.

I don’t fully understand how Qi Healing works but I can no longer be sceptical about it because I know it works! I have experienced it relieving the most extreme pain I have experienced."
Dave Thorpe - London.

distance Healing for more energy

“I have known Rachel for years as she used to give me acupuncture when she lived in London.  Thanks to modern technology, I recently had a healing session with Rachel over skype and felt so much better afterwards.  I wasn't sleeping very well and was very low on energy. After the session, I had a very relaxing and deep sleep, woke up with more energy and felt calmer through the day. Rachel has a lovely way of communicating the principles of Qigong and healing, and gave me some simple exercises to practice.  I am looking for something to boost my energy and have been inspired to start classes online with her as well. Can’t wait!”  Margot Caroni - London.


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