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Qigong Classes Pending

Do you need an energy boost or have a health issue that you would like to work on? These weekly sessions are a wonderful opportunity to feel the difference Qigong practice can make. My aim is for you to  feel inspired, uplifted and motivated...and with an understanding of how you can use the art of Qigong to energise your body, clear and focus your mind, feel deeply calm and relaxed, connect with your heart and experience inner being......Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions

If you are interested in learning Qigong get in touch and I will put your name on the waiting list and let you know when I am next running a workshop or teaching classes.     

What is Qigong?

photo 2Qigong is an ancient Chinese self-healing practice that combines physical movements and postures, breathing techniques and a positive use of the mind for better health, well-being, fitness and vitality.  It is becoming more and more popular worldwide alongside Yoga and the Martial Arts as its remarkable effects are being recognised.  

 Our state of health is defined by the Quality, Quantity and Flow of Qi throughout our body and mind and our own Qi can be powerfully improved by the practice of Qigong.  When you practice Qigong you you increase the amount of energy in your system, you make the energy healthier so health conditions improve and you increase the flow of energy so you feel more alive, energised, flexible and strong.   When you increase the amount quality and flow of Qi, it gets to work inside the body, naturally transforming what is unhealthy into healthy.   You might be surprised how quickly you notice changes in your health. Qigong works on the whole body including the muscles, bones, nerves, endocrine and lymph systems and the brain.  It also works on the mind and consciousness.   in a nutshell Qigong harnesses lifeforce energy (Qi) to nourish, rejuvenate, heal and uplift.

Qi:          is your 'vital energy' or 'lifeforce'
Gong:     means skill or cultivation
Qigong:  is the art and skill of gathering and working with Qi (life force energy) for better health 

How can Qigong help you?

Low Energy or Fatique?  an increase in energy is often one of the first things people notice when they start doing Qigong.  
Aches + Pains, Stiffness?  it will help unblock Qi channels to allow for smooth and flexible movement throughout spine, joints, tendons and muscles.
Are you stressed or anxious?  Yuan Gong will help you get out of the "mind stream" and away from incessant mental chatter to a deeper calmer more centred space, from which you can think more clearly, be more creative and develop your own potential.
Are you often Emotional? Yuan Gong can help balance your emotions eg, helping you find harmony and balance within yourself. 
Overwhelmed, can't concentrate?  Yuan Gong brings clear and healthy Qi to the brain and helps calm the mind so you can think more clearly and be more effective at home or at work 
Want to have a long and healthy life?  Because Yuan Gong floods your body and mind with healthy Vital Qi, it has an anti-ageing effect.  Prevention is definitely better than cure.   To become healthier and more resiliant, to improve a health condition or just for the 'feel good factor', I recommend giving Yuan Gong a try for 3 months and see the difference.

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The Methods

Tian Yuan  + Di Yuan  

Recharge and Relax the body (MP3/DVD 22 min + 15mins)
These two gentle and flowing methods help you gather and integrate energy from nature into your own body for better health

Ren Yuan                     

Stretch, Strengthen and Unify the body, Mind and Qi  (MP3/DVD 45 min)
This 18 part method works on pushiing Qi/Energy through the meridian system of the body. It works on every part of the body inclufing the muscles, bones, nerves, the organ systems and the mind.

Xia Yuan                      

Revitalise, Strengthen and Heal the Vital Organs   (DVD/MP3 40 min)
This method incorporates sounds, colour and a positive mind along with specific exercises designed to heal and revitalise the internal organs. 

Qi Reactions

When you practicing Qigong regularly,  it is possible that you might experience old aches and pains, or detox symptoms as the Qi gets to work and starts transforming what isn't healthy into healthy.  

My Qualifications:

Certified Yuan Gong Instructor 
Certified Zhineng Qigong Instructor 2011
(Yuan Tze Centre)

My Personal Story

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In 2010, my own life and health started to change at an accelerated rate when my path crossed with that of Yuan Tze - founder of the Yuan Gong system.    

It was around this time that I discovered I had a large ovarian cyst on an abdominal scan.  I thought that this was a great opportunity to see if Qigong really worked and decided to do a 30 minute daily practice until my next scan date.  I practiced every day with the strong intention of shrinking the cyst. To my delight, the follow-up scan revealed the cyst had completely disappeared.  Not only that, but I experienced a lot more energy along with a wonderful sense of wellbeing and mental clarity.

The effects were so marked that I realised that this was something really special and decided to further train to become a Qigong Teacher and Healer.

I have been studying with Yuan Tze ever since to further develop my skills. Yuan Tze teaches internationally with the intention of uplifting life on all levels. Yuan Gong and Yuan Ming Medicine are encompassed under the umbrella of Ren Xue.   Ren Xue offers a system that improves peoples' health and lives and is a guide towards continuous life development.  I am extremely grateful for the ongoing positive changes I have experienced and enjoy sharing what I have learnt with others.




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